Delhi Capitals’ Stolen Cricket Kits Recovered: David Warner’s Bat Among Found Items

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Delhi Police recovers stolen cricket kits of Delhi Capitals team, thanks to social media and vigilant authorities. The incident left the team in shock when 16 bats and essential kit items went missing, including David Warner’s bats, gloves, thigh pads, shoes, and pads worth lakhs of rupees. The theft occurred during transit when the team returned from playing against Royal Challengers Bangalore.

DC skipper David Warner took to social media to thank the authorities for finding the items and catching the culprits. The team was elated to receive the now-recovered bats, pads, and gloves, although a few items are still missing. The missing items haven’t been identified yet.

“All of them were shocked when they heard that everyone had lost something or the other from their kit bags. This is the first time such an incident has happened and the matter was soon raised to the logistics department, police and later at the airport. The investigation is on,” a source in Delhi Capitals informed The Indian Express.

Two Individuals reported to Delhi Police about the incident. “Our on duty officer asked them to write a complaint with all the details and gave them a paper. They said that they would get all the details and will file a complaint. Appropriate legal action would be taken,” Airport DCP Devesh Kumar Mehta told the Indian Express.

The theft of the cricket kits was a massive loss for the Delhi Capitals team, and the players were left in disbelief when they found their belongings missing from their rooms. The recovery of the stolen items has brought a sigh of relief to the team and authorities alike.

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