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LSG vs GT: Lucknow Super Giants needed only 39 runs in 45 balls at one point. Had 9 wickets in hand and KL Rahul had scored 50 runs. Lucknow did not hit any boundary in these 45 balls and Gujarat won the match.

New Delhi: ‘Strike rate is overrated’ whenever KL Rahul There is a discussion about batting, his statement easily becomes a part of this discussion. Especially when Rahul’s bat does not work or if runs are not coming out of his bat at the required speed, then this statement is used to taunt Rahul. Rahul himself also repeated this statement several times in his own defence.

After what happened in Lucknow on the evening of Saturday 22nd April, surely Rahul would like to think again on his statement. The innings played by KL Rahul against Gujarat Titans once again put the batting methods of the Lucknow skipper under the scanner. Rahul and his team Lucknow presented the biggest example of how a Hath Aaya match is lost in front of millions of people.

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Rahul slipped from the first over itself

Lucknow did not lose in front of Gujarat, but defeated it. Among the losers, Gujarat’s batsmen proved to be more important characters than the bowlers. Captain Rahul was the biggest culprit in that too. He started it in the first over of the innings itself. In the last match against Rajasthan Royals, the first over of the innings was maiden. Rahul faced this over of Trent Boult. Rahul repeated the same act against Gujarat and did not score any runs in the first over of Mohammed Shami.

He became the first batsman to play two maiden overs in this season. In the last match, Lucknow had still won, but this time Lucknow could not get relief from Rahul’s mistake.

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Boundary was wanted, 45 balls came out empty

Rahul remained at the crease from the first over to the last over. He was seen making the team win. He added another half-century in his IPL career. During this, he also became the Indian batsman to complete 7000 T20 runs in the shortest innings. Still what was the result – the defeat of Lucknow.

Out of 120 balls of the match, Rahul faced 61 balls alone, in which only 68 runs came out of his bat. That is, the strike rate of 111. Till the last two overs, he was proving to be the star of the team’s victory, even though the pace of runs was falling, but the end could not be good for him.

Rahul scored 8 fours in his innings, out of which the last four came in the 11th over. After this, he could not hit any boundary in the next 9 overs. Not only Rahul, but all the batsmen of Lucknow failed.

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Strike rate is not overrated Rahul!

Krunal Pandya hit a six in the 13th over. At this time, Lucknow needed only 39 runs in 45 balls and only 1 wicket had fallen. Rahul was on 50 runs in 38 balls at that time. After this he faced 23 balls and scored only 18 runs. Apparently Rahul’s slow batting became the reason for his team’s defeat.

Another statistic to go by – KL Rahul has faced more than 50 balls in 26 innings in his IPL career. Out of this, his team has faced defeat in 12 innings. These figures and the above details are enough to tell – the strike rate is not overrated.

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