Sachin Tendulkar B’day: Sachin Tendulkar refused to wear the ring, then how did Anjali get engaged?

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Sachin Tendulkar Birthday: Sachin Tendulkar had already told Anjali that instead of a ring, she should make him wear a bracelet. The reason for this is also very interesting

New Delhi. It is said that the fourth finger of the hand has a direct connection with the heart. That’s why it is called ring finger. An engagement ring is worn in this finger, so that the relationship can be connected with the heart. But very few people would know that when great batsman Sachin Tendulkar was engaged to Anjali, Sachin could not wear the engagement ring. He wore a bracelet instead of a ring.

Ajanli got engaged to Sachin by wearing a bracelet. In fact, Sachin himself had said so. There was a big reason behind this too, which is quite interesting. Born on 24 April 1973, Sachin has turned 50 today. With age, his relationship with Anjali is getting deeper. Sachin held Anjali’s hand in 1995. The first meeting of both took place in 1990.

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The reason behind the string is interesting

An anecdote of Sachin’s engagement is quite famous. He had told Ajanli that in the engagement, she should make him wear a bracelet instead of a ring. He might have lost the ring, but he would not have to remove the ring even while batting. Sachin did not have to remove his engagement ring, that is why he had asked to wear a bracelet. Even after so many years of marriage, this couple has remained ideal for everyone.

first meeting at the airport

Talking about their first meeting, both of them saw each other for the first time at Mumbai International Airport. When Sachin was returning from his first international tour, Anjali came to the airport to pick up her mother. After this both met through a common friend. Anjali had no interest in cricket at that time, but after starting a date with Sachin, she devoted her whole life to understanding the game in more detail.

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