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IPL: Most of the IPL franchises have entered the T20 leagues starting around the world and have bought teams in these leagues. In such a situation, the franchisees are trying to keep some players under contract with them, for which these talks are going on.

New Delhi: The 16th season of the Indian Premier League is in full swing. Many big cricketers from all over the world including India are participating in this tournament. During this, international cricket is very less. Naturally everyone’s attention IPL 2023 is on. Meanwhile, such news is coming out, which is shocking. It has been told in a report that many players can leave playing for their country for the sake of playing for IPL teams.

British newspaper The Times has claimed in a report that some IPL teams have contacted cricketers from many other countries including England. A contract is being discussed between teams and players, under which they will be seen playing in different T20 leagues throughout the year. For this, he may have to completely break ties with the International Cricket Board of his country.

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England-Australia players will leave the country?

According to reports, at least the IPL franchises have started informal talks with the England players on the issue. Some of these are also international cricketers, who are associated with the England Cricket Board under central contracts. Apart from them, there are also players associated with teams like New Zealand, Australia and West Indies.

A major reason for this is the number of fast growing T20 leagues around the world. Especially in those leagues there is presence of teams of IPL franchises. IPL franchises have been entered in SA20, CPL, ILT20 and Major League T20. However, it has not been told in the report that which franchises have started this discussion and with which players such talks have taken place.

There is strong earning in T20 league

In such a situation, if there is such a contract between the players and the IPL franchises, then they can field those players in their respective teams of these leagues. This can be a tempting offer for the players as they get a hefty amount for playing in the T20 league for a few weeks. Especially for players who are not part of the contract with their board, this offer can be more attractive.

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