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RR vs CSK: MS Dhoni had made such a mistake earlier in this match, which hardly anyone would have expected from him, but in the last over of the innings, the Chennai captain ran out Rajasthan’s young batsman Dhruv Jurail with a precise throw.

Jaipur: behind the wicket ms dhoni It has never been easy for the batsmen to overcome. Many batsmen have been stumped by the speed of the hands of the former Indian captain. With his connoisseur’s eyes, many batsmen have lost their wickets on the basis of DRS. If any of these ever escapes, then do not make the mistake of taking runs because Dhoni not only catches the ball quickly, but also scatters the stumps with precise aim. Dhruv Jurail of Rajasthan Royals has learned this latest lesson.

In IPL 2023, where many young and experienced wicketkeepers are missing out on hitting the stumps, at the age of 41, MS Dhoni is consistently hitting his target. Dhoni did something similar in the very last over of the innings against Rajasthan Royals in Jaipur. Two young Rajasthan batsmen made the mistake of taking runs despite Dhoni having the ball in his hands and the result was a wicket.

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Dhoni taught a lesson to Jurail

In the 20th over of Rajasthan’s innings, Matisha Patirana’s delivery to Devdutt Padikkal was outside the leg stump, which was adjudged wide. Dhoni successfully stopped it. Despite this, Dhruv Jurail ran in an attempt to come on strike. Although Dhruv is also a wicket-keeper batsman and is a fan of Dhoni, yet he probably forgot Dhoni’s quickness and ability.

The CSK captain first stopped the ball and then threw the ball underarm without taking off the gloves. Despite this, Dhoni’s throw had so much speed that he beat the speed of 22-year-old young batsman Dhruv Jurail and hit the stumps and Jurail had to return.

Dhoni made a mistake

By the way, before this run out, such a mistake was made by Dhoni, which is rarely seen. Dhoni, famous for his accurate DRS, took a review wrong at the very beginning of the innings. In the fourth over of the innings, the LBW appeal against Yashasvi Jaiswal was turned down by the umpire and Dhoni immediately took DRS. Just here he made a mistake because the ball pitched past the leg stump and hence the decision was not changed.

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