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IPL 2023: Virat Kohli may be scoring runs in IPL 2023 but one of his weaknesses is overshadowing RCB.

New Delhi. Virat Kohli is one of those players about whom one has to think a hundred times before writing anything. You question his career and he leaves you speechless in the very next innings. That’s why we give a disclaimer in advance that Virat Kohli Instead of taking the comment made on heart, understand it logically. After that decide whether Virat Kohli is still ‘Best of the Best’ or ‘Rest of the Best’. Now this is the ‘rest of the best’, you will not see consistency in it.

Simply put, now Virat Kohli will win you one out of ten matches with his single-handed batting but will not be able to win three out of ten matches at all. This is one of the main reasons behind the condition of Royal Challengers Bangalore in this IPL. Let us now explain this thing to you in a ‘logical’ way. Let’s tell that after this defeat, Virat Kohli’s annoyance was also seen by everyone, but the question is, who is responsible for this defeat?

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Take the example of the match against Kolkata Knight Riders

RCB had a match with KKR on Wednesday. Virat Kohli was captaining. Kolkata batted first. Adding 200 runs to the scoreboard and setting RCB a target of 201, Virat Kohli opened the innings with Faf du Plessis. He hit a four on the very first ball of 25-year-old Vaibhav Arora. But took a single on the second ball and gave the strike to Faf Duplesey. Now you will say that it was a wise act by Virat. Let us accept your point of view. Umesh Yadav came with the next over.

Virat Kohli again hit the first ball of Umesh Yadav’s over for a four. Taking a single on the second ball, he then gave the strike to Faf Duplesey. Faf Duplesey hit two consecutive sixes on the last two balls of the same over. Faf du Plessis was dismissed in the next over. Now wait – ‘rewind’ some things. Do not forget that RCB had to score 201 runs. Hitting fours there, taking singles and rotating the strike was not going to work. It was time for the powerplay. Virat should have been more aggressive.

Well the story is not over yet. Virat took a single on the first ball of the third over and gave the strike back to Faf. He did the same again in the fourth over. This time he hit Varun Chakraborty for a four on the first ball. Taking a single on the next ball, gave the strike to Shahbaz Ahmed. We explained this story of four overs to you because now there has been a change in the format of T20 as well. Now the theory like ‘sheet anchor’ has become old. Now the batsman has to be aggressive from both the ends of the wicket. The teams which have done well in the season, their opening pair is attacking from both sides. Otherwise David Warner has also scored more than three hundred runs but his team is at the last position.

Virat left the team in the middle

The story is not over yet. Let’s assume that instead of being over-aggressive, Virat Kohli wanted to finish the match by playing a sensible innings. He has done this feat dozens of times in his career. Maybe more than that. Virat Kohli had expertise in taking the match to the ‘deep’. He learned this art from Dhoni. But chasing the target of 201 runs, when Virat Kohli completed his half-century, he got out after playing an unnecessary shot.

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When Virat was out, his team needed 86 runs to win. And 47 balls were left. Now tell me if Virat’s understanding has been of any benefit, which he showed in the initial overs. Virat Kohli is about to reach close to three and a half hundred runs this season. There have been 5 half-centuries in his account. He is second in the list of batsmen scoring the most runs. But his strike rate is 142.31. And his team is currently struggling to stay in the playoff race. Now you decide whether Virat Kohli has remained ‘best of the best’ or not?

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