IPL 2023: Maharecord destroyed in just 38 matches, bowlers made fun of, more devastation yet to come

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New Delhi: If it is T20 cricket then runs will rain. There will be rain of fours and sixes and the entertainment of the audience will also be done by this. Big scores will stand. Bowlers will have to struggle on most occasions. IPL This has been happening in the history of 15 years also and records of big scores have been made and broken. But in the current season, all the limits seem to be breaking. So far only 38 matches have been played and a new record of innings of more than 200 runs has been made in half.

As soon as Lucknow Super Giants crossed the 200-run mark against Punjab Kings in Mohali on the evening of Friday 28 April, a new record was created in the history of 16 seasons of IPL. This was the 19th time in this season, when the score of 200 was crossed in an innings. Never before this season of IPL were more than 200 runs scored in an innings so many times.

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Record destroyed in 38 matches only

This innings of Lucknow broke the record of the previous season. Scores of more than 200 were scored 18 times in IPL 2022. This became the record of IPL. But then it happened during the entire season of 74 matches. This time too it is a season of 74 matches but this record was broken only in the 38th match. Lucknow scored 257 runs, which was the second highest score in IPL history.

This series did not stop here. Rather, in the second innings, Punjab also sacrificed itself in the fire of this record by scoring 201 runs. In this way, a total of 20 times scores of two hundred or more runs have been seen in this season. This series is expected to continue unabated as there are still 36 matches left in this season.

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Highest score in which stadium?

Now the question arises that in which stadium the maximum number of such scores have been made. Well, it will not be too difficult for those who watch IPL carefully. If you are also wondering the name of M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru, then you are not wrong. In the home ground of Royal Challengers Bangalore, so far this season, maximum 5 such scores have been made.

Now only one more match has to be held in Chinnaswamy and it will not be surprising if this is repeated in that too. However, the Bangalore stadium is not the only batsman’s paradise. This has happened 4 times in Kolkata’s Eden Gardens, 3 times in Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium, while it has happened 2-2 times in Chennai, Mumbai and Mohali. Scores of 200 have been crossed once each in Jaipur and Hyderabad.

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