Rohit Sharma Untold Story: ‘Crowd Funding’ enhanced career and Rohit Sharma became ‘Hitman’

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New Delhi: Rohit Sharma’s name in world cricket is no longer dependent on any identity. The bullying of this name is frozen in the streets of cricket. And, that is because they have created a storm everywhere on their day. Whatever be the format, Rohit has left his mark in it. He is no longer Rohit for the world, he has become a hitman. Crowd funding played a big role behind Rohit’s unmatched career, which helped him to become a hitman.

Now you must be thinking that what is this crowd funding after all? So here crowd funding means the money collected. The money that his uncle and other relatives collected by collecting every penny, with the aim that Rohit can succeed in his career.

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Mother wanted son to study, Rohit wanted to become a cricketer

Actually, Rohit Sharma’s father used to work in a transport company. While his mother was a housewife. The household income was not much, so Rohit’s responsibilities also increased at an early age.

Rohit’s mother wanted that her son become something after being educated. But the son had to become a cricketer. In such a situation, Rohit ignored his mother’s words and started pursuing his cause. The role of his relatives was important in this work.

Couple money together with uncle and relatives, then admission in academy

Rohit’s dream was to become a cricketer but money is needed to play and learn cricket. His uncle and other relatives did the work of raising money for Rohit. All of them together collected some money and then in the year 1999, got them admitted in the Cricket Academy.

Rohit’s dreams skyrocketed with ‘crowd funding’

What was it then, Rohit’s journey to become the hitman of cricket started. Because of that help, there is no need to tell anyone where Rohit Sharma is today, at what stage he is. Because it has its own story not only in Indian cricket but also in world cricket.

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