Rohit Sharma Birthday: 12 most special dates that made Rohit Sharma ‘Hitman’

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Rohit Sharma Birthday: 12 most special dates that made Rohit Sharma 'Hitman'

Rohit Sharma is one of the biggest batsmen not only of India but of world cricket.Image Credit source: BCCI

New Delhi: 30 April 1987, the date when in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh Rohit Sharma was born. Today Rohit Sharma is the captain of the Indian cricket team and is one of the legendary batsmen in the world. That’s why this day of 30 April is special for Indian fans every year. Today is also the same date and Rohit has turned 36 years old. Today is also a day of celebration for the fans, but many dates have contributed to Rohit reaching here.

Rohit Sharma has been showing his mettle in international cricket for the last 16 years. It started in 2007. It took a long time for his career to pick up the pace but once the train hit the tracks, Rohit didn’t stop. Apart from birthday, let us tell you about the special dates that made Rohit’s career.

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Those 12 dates of Rohit’s career…

  1. 20 September 2007- Rohit Sharma’s debut took place in ODI cricket on 23 June 2007 but he got recognition from the T20 World Cup. On this day against South Africa, Rohit caught everyone’s attention by playing an inning of 50 runs. He was part of the World Cup Kitne Wali Team India.
  2. January 8, 2011 – By this time, Rohit had made his mark in Indian cricket, but on this day a lot changed for him and especially for IPL. Mumbai Indians bought Rohit in the auction for $2 million and since then he has been a part of the team.
  3. From this day on 23 January 2013, Rohit Sharma’s career came back on track in true sense. Started opening in ODI cricket from this day. Although Rohit had opened in some T20 matches in 2009 and some ODIs in 2011, but the fate changed with an inning of 83 runs in the ODI match against England on this day. After this, Rohit and Dhawan parted ways in the Champions Trophy and became a firm pair.
  4. November 13, 2014 – This was the day when Rohit did the first big historical feat. Rohit played a shocking record innings of 264 runs against Sri Lanka at Eden Gardens. This is still the record of the biggest score in ODIs. Just a year before this, he had scored his first double century. Then after 3 years scored the third double century which is a record.
  5. 24 April 2013 – On the birthday of Sachin Tendulkar, Rohit took command of Mumbai Indians for the first time and everyone knows the history after that. He is the captain to win the title the most 5 times.
  6. 6-7 November 2013 – Rohit Sharma made his Test debut against the West Indies at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata and scored a century on the second day itself. He scored 177 runs.
  7. 22 December 2017 – Rohit scored a century in just 36 balls against Sri Lanka in Indore. This is the joint fastest century record in T20 cricket.
  8. 6 November 2018 – On this day Rohit scored 111 against West Indies in Lucknow. This was his fourth T20 century, where no other batsman has reached till date.
  9. June-July 2019- There is no date here but two months have been mentioned because Rohit scored 5 centuries in the World Cup played in England during this period. He became the only batsman to score 5 centuries in a World Cup.
  10. 2 October 2019- Rohit Sharma’s Test career changed on this day. Like ODIs, he opened in the Test for the first time and scored a brilliant 176 against South Africa. He also scored 127 runs in the second innings.
  11. 20 February 2022- After being appointed as the captain of the team in ODIs and T20s, on 20 February, Rohit also got the command in the Test and in this way he became the captain of Team India in all three formats. Then on March 4, he captained the Test for the first time against Sri Lanka in Mohali.
  12. 23 October 2022- Rohit Sharma did not get a place in the team in the 2011 World Cup held in India. After 11 years, Rohit Sharma captained India in the World Cup for the first time. For the first time against Pakistan, Rohit took command of India in the T20 World Cup.

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