Rohit Sharma Birthday: Rohit Sharma’s encounter with cheetahs in the jungle, life was in danger due to Jadeja!

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New Delhi: Everyone knows that Rohit Sharma works to spread awareness about wildlife. Like Kevin Pietersen, he has also come forward for the protection of rhinos. During this endeavor, Rohit got a chance to see rhinos closely many times. But, here it is not about rhinos but for the first time Rohit’s face to face with a leopard.

Rohit Sharma was enjoying the jungle safari in South Africa. During this, he was not alone but he was accompanied by his wife, Ajinkya Rahane and his wife Radhika, besides Ravindra Jadeja. Everyone was on a walk in the jungle when leopards came in front of them. Rohit Sharma mentioned these things in an old interview given to cricket presenter Vikram Sathe.

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Rohit encounters cheetahs in the jungle of South Africa

Both Rohit and Rahane had reached this interview, where both mentioned the incident that happened in the jungle in South Africa. Rohit Sharma told that I think those cheetahs had hunted fresh that’s why we went in front of them. They were still eating their prey.

Rohit Sharma told how his life had become a threat during this encounter with a leopard? Had he lost his senses? And, all this happened because of Ravindra Jadeja. Rohit says that we had made a mistake that we had taken Jadeja.

There was a big threat to life due to Jadeja!

According to Rohit, the leopards were not looking at him before. But, Jadeja signaled him by making a sound, after which the leopards turned and started looking at him. It was not right for Jadeja to do so. We thought that we made a mistake that we went there with Jadeja. Because of them we were in a kind of crisis. We should have left them in the car.

Rohit further told that on seeing the cheetahs, our senses were blown away. From above, the guard had said that if he comes towards you, do not run away, after which the trouble increased for us.

Rohit Sharma was a little scared of whatever happened in the jungles of South Africa, but thankfully, even after Jadeja’s provocation, the cheetahs did not do much. And, the danger hovering over his life was averted.

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