IPL 2023: In only 42 matches, the total of 200 runs has been crossed 24 times, why is there such a shower of runs this season?

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New Delhi: It is understandable even if a tsunami of centuries comes. But, in IPL 2023, after 42 matches, only 3 numbers have been registered in the name of century. Even after that, the total of 200 runs has been crossed 24 times, not one, two or ten. Means 24 innings of 42 matches were such, in which the teams scored a score of 200 plus. The question is why is it so. Because this was not seen happening in the last 15 seasons. Then this time why so much explosion that all the records were destroyed.

Let us tell you that so many 200 plus runs have already been scored in IPL 2023 that all the previous records have been broken. This season has witnessed the highest score of 200 plus in IPL history. This is when the 16th season is still in its half way. Means half the journey is still left and the way the teams are considering the score of 200 runs as a pudding, the further reality can be gauged from it.

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Why the flood of 200+ scores in IPL 2023?

Let us now try to know the reasons due to which this season is witnessing an unprecedented shower of runs. The teams did not miss out on scoring 200 plus.

The first reason for this is that the batsmen score runs for the team without thinking about any of their milestones. He is playing fearlessly and aggressively even after reaching his century. He is not afraid to score runs for the team. This is the reason that till now only 3 centuries have been seen in this IPL. Because many batsmen have to lose their wicket in the nineties.

To make a big score like 200 plus, two things are very important. First a great start and then a great finish. And, in IPL 2023, both of these are being seen very well. Most of the top 10 batsmen who have scored the most runs in this season are openers or number three batsmen. Leave how many runs they all scored, let’s see how is the strike rate of all of them?

Strike rate tells the mood of the batsmen

Strike rate has a big role in T20. This reflects the aggressiveness of the batsman and barring one or two batsmen in the top 10, all have a strike rate of more than 140. Meaning that he has managed to score maximum runs in fewer balls.

Like these top order batsmen, better strike rate is also of middle order batsmen of almost all the teams. Most of the teams that have middle order batsmen in the list of top run scorers this season have a strike rate of more than 150. That means, with a better start, best results are also being seen in most of the matches.

The 200 plus run party is on!

The result of the same excellent start and finish is the 24 chances made in IPL 2023, in which teams scored 200 plus scores. And, then the party is still on. Don’t know how many more 200 plus scores will be seen in the future.

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