MI vs RR, IPL 2023: Questions raised on umpires’ decision, were Rohit Sharma and Yashasvi Jaiswal not out?

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New Delhi: The 1000th match of IPL was already in discussion before reaching its conclusion. Then there were many reasons for this. And, now that it has reached its end, due to some reasons, there is a shadow in the headlines. One of those reasons is bad umpiring, which you cannot say is good at all in terms of Gentleman’s game. But, what to do, something similar has been seen in the historic match played between Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals.

1000th match over. Mumbai chased down the target of 214 runs and won the match which ended in an exciting way. If the match was high scoring, then there is no doubt that the audience was also entertained a lot. But, in the midst of all this, questions were raised on the wickets of Rohit Sharma and Yashasvi Jaiswal on social media.

Question on Yashasvi Jaiswal’s wicket

Last over of Rajasthan’s innings. Mumbai fast bowler Arshad Khan is given a successful dismissal on the fourth ball of this over. The full toss ball hits his bat and goes in the air, which is caught by the bowler Arshad himself.

If the height of the ball seemed high then no ball is checked. The third umpire sees the footage only once and without wasting time, declares the ball as legal. Whereas, in the same video clip it is clearly visible that the height of the ball is high which means it is a no ball. Unhappy with the umpire’s decision, the fans alleged that the rules are only for Mumbai and Chennai.

This was the matter of Yashasvi Jaiswal, who scored 124 runs in 62 balls at a strike rate of 200 before getting caught in the umpiring screw. But if we understand the pictures correctly, then the captain of Mumbai Indians Rohit Sharma also became the victim of some such bad umpiring.

Rohit’s wicket also fell victim to bad umpiring

Second over of Mumbai’s innings. Bowler Sandeep Sharma bowled the last ball of his first over in the match. It was a knuckle ball, on which Rohit’s balls were scattered. Wicketkeeper Samson was standing near the stump. In such a situation, the on-field umpire transferred the decision to the third umpire to see whether the bails fell from the ball or from Samson’s gloves.

Seeing the video footage, the third umpire gave his decision in favor of Rajasthan. Means Rohit was given out. But, later, when the same footage made headlines on social media, it was clearly shown that the bails actually fell not with the ball but with Samson’s gloves.

Bad umpiring happened twice in 1000th match

Bad umpiring is not a new thing in IPL. In a way, it is like a stain on the hem of the world’s biggest T20 league. But, if such a match is seen happening not once or twice on a historic occasion like 1000th match, then the question is big. If Rohit had not succumbed to bad umpiring, as is being told, he could have been seen playing big innings on his birthday.

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