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New Delhi. In the 43rd match of IPL 2023, Mumbai Indians defeated Rajasthan Royals by 6 wickets in a thrilling manner. However, there was a controversy in this victory. this dispute Rohit Sharma It was about the wicket of K which was bowled against Rajasthan Royals. Although it was claimed that Rohit Sharma was a victim of wrong decision and he was not bold. However, to end that dilemma, now IPL has released a new video in which milk has become milk and water has become water.

The controversy over Rohit Sharma’s wicket took place because Rajasthan’s wicketkeeper Sanju Samson was standing near the stumps. It was being claimed that Rohit Sharma’s bails fell on Sanju Samson’s gloves and the umpires gave a wrong decision. But the new video of IPL has cleared everything.

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Rohit Sharma was bowled

According to the new video of IPL, Rohit Sharma was clean bowled. In the video released from a new angle, it is clearly visible that Bells had fallen after hitting the ball. Sanju Samson’s hand is far away from the bails. Well Rohit Sharma’s dismissal did not make much difference to Mumbai Indians as all the other batsmen contributed well and got the team victory 3 balls in advance.

When will Rohit Sharma score runs?

IPL is going very average for Rohit Sharma this time too. The captain of Mumbai has so far scored only 184 runs in 8 innings. His average is just 23. Rohit Sharma has scored only one half-century this season. This is the reason why the Mumbai team has still not reached the top 4 in the points table.

The Mumbai team has just won 4 out of 8 matches. He has 6 matches left and he will have to win 4 out of 6 matches to reach the playoffs. But for this Rohit Sharma will also have to bat well so that Mumbai can get a good start. Now it has to be seen when Rohit Sharma’s bat thunders?

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