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New Delhi: You must have seen good people bowing before Sachin on the cricket field. But, it is rarely seen when Sachin is also seen doing the same thing for someone else. Something similar happened in the 1000th match of IPL history, where Sachin not only bowed down and bowed down to Tim David’s innings for Mumbai Indians, but also hugged him after getting down on the field.

On the social media handle of IPL, a picture of Sachin hugging Tim David has also been captured in the midst of the winning visual of Mumbai Indians. And, this is the reason because the wonder that Tim David has done standing in the middle of the Wankhede ground is unique in itself.

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overturned in 3 balls

Tim David faced 14 balls in the match against Rajasthan Royals. But, he played only 3 balls to turn the game. These three balls were of the last over of the match. Belong to the same bowler. He hit these three balls in exactly the same way as he had practiced to execute them on the nets.

Like practice, like the game on the field

Actually, there is a video post of Tim David’s practice on Mumbai Indians’ Instagram, in which he is seen hitting sixes in the same way as he was seen later in the match against Rajasthan. Perhaps this is the reason why Mumbai Indians have also captioned this video as ‘copy and paste’.

In the last over of the match, Mumbai Indians needed 17 runs to win. Jason Holder was the bowler and Tim David was on strike. Don’t know which way the match will go before the start of the over. But Tim David knew it all. He was also in a hurry to complete what he knew. That is why he did not even wait for 6 balls to score 17 runs.

On the first 3 balls of Jason Holder’s over, Tim David hit 3 sixes to give Mumbai Indians the much-needed victory. Now if David creates such a storm then Sachin will certainly salute his miracle, so he did a lot.

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