Virat Kohli, IPL 2023: When will Virat Kohli play like Yashasvi Jaiswal? Now even the coach has given a ‘warning’

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New Delhi: Rajasthan Royals may have lost against Mumbai Indians in the 1000th match of IPL history, but despite that defeat, Yashasvi Jaiswal is in headlines. The reason is his batting. He scored that century, due to which he has forced everyone to think and talk about himself. Now Virat Kohli is also ready for his next IPL match. The competition is with LSG but before that the question is whether he will also show the game like Jaiswal?

Yashasvi Jaiswal came out to open for Rajasthan as usual. And, he managed to stay on the wicket till the 20th over. During this, his batting enthusiasm never showed cold. The aggression which started showing from the very first shots remained intact till the end. Now RCB director Mike Hesson is also expecting something similar from Virat Kohli against Lucknow.

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Coach’s message is clear – create a storm in the middle overs

Mike Hesson has warned RCB batsmen not to play fast only in the beginning. Rather, the pace of batting has to be maintained till the end. Especially more in the middle overs. According to Hesson, ‘We have to avoid playing slow in the middle overs, meaning between 7 to 11 overs. We play well in the top. The shortcomings are in our middle order. Now there also we need to play fast. ,

Virat Kohli will have to become Yashasvi Jaiswal!

The coach and team director of RCB have said what they had to say, now it is up to the batsmen to do on the field. And, this will happen only when Virat Kohli, holding one end, will settle on the wicket like Yashasvi Jaiswal of Rajasthan Royals and will take the responsibility of scoring runs for his team in the same way.

First know what Yashasvi Jaiswal did. Rajasthan Royals scored 212 runs in 20 overs. In this Jaiswal faced 62 balls alone and scored 124 runs. At the same time, the contribution of the rest of the teammates was 63 runs in 59 balls.

Not only this, see how Jaiswal gave pace to his innings. He completed his half-century in 32 balls. After this, he faced only 21 more balls to reach the century. Jaiswal completed his century against Mumbai in 53 balls.

The kind of performance that fans and team management would be expecting from Virat Kohli against Lucknow Super Giants is similar to that of Yashasvi Jaiswal. Because this is what RCB needs right now.

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