Explained: How One Thing Led To Another, Reasons Behind Kohli And Gambhir’s Heated Arguement After LSG vs RCB Match

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It was not a pleasant evening in Lucknow’s Ekana Cricket Stadium as two of India’s World Cup-winning teammates – Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir nearly came to exchanging blows before the other players separated them. The boiling fight has left the cricket world clueless at the moment with numerous speculations on why it happened behind. To find out the answer, one has to dig deeper and travel way back to when the two teams – Lucknow Super Giants and Royal Challengers Bangalore locked horns on April 10.

First, let us tell you about what happened on May 1 as multiple feuds took place involving Naveen-ul-Haq, Virat Kohli, Gautam Gambhir, and Amit Mishra. Kohli and Naveen got into some arguement during the LSG’s chase while their hopes of winning the contest were way too narrow. Naveen and Kohli got into a heated arguement after the RCB batter shushed the crowd multiple times during the 2nd innings.

During the heated moment, Kohli was seen pointing towards his shoe sole to Amit Mishra who was telling him to calm down and let go. The gesture of Kohli showing his shoe dust was not towards Mishra – it was for Naveen-ul-Haq as Kohli was seen suggesting that Mishra to talk to his batting partner and put some sense into him instead of telling Kohli to calm down.

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After the match, Kohli again got into an arguement with Naveen while the players were shaking hands. After that, Kyle Mayers was seen having a conversation with Kohli but Gambhir took him away from the RCB batter. That is the point where Kohli and Gambhir exchanged a few words and later on, got face-to-face before the support staff and players seperated the duo.

As all know, Virat Kohli is someone who’s not shy of showing aggression on and off the field, and it’s the same case with Gambhir. During the first clash between RCB and LSG, Gambhir’s fueled-up celebration after the victory and silencing the crowd gesture said a lot of things to everyone’s mind. Kohli gave him and his home ground of LSG a similar kind of treatment like the LSG mentor did at the M Chinnaswamy.

It was a sweet revenge for Kohli as he himself, in a video posted by RCB after their 18-run win against LSG, said, “If you can give it, you gotta take it, otherwise don’t give it.”

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Throwback to IPL 2013

Kohli vs Gambhir, does that ring any bells? Let us remind you that the seeds of the feud got into a tussle during IPL 2013 as well when Kohli was captain of RCB and Gambhir was the leader of KKR. After Kohli got out, Gambhir had some words for the RCB batter which did not go down well with him. He turned his back and in a blink of an eye the duo came face-to-face in aggression. They were separated by another Delhi boy, Rajat Bhatia at the Chinnswamy stadium.

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