GT vs DC: Delhi will win with the help of ‘Bapu’ in Ahmedabad, David Warner just don’t make this mistake again

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New Delhi: Mahatma Gandhi had a deep attachment to Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Gandhiji was lovingly called Bapu, we have been studying this since childhood. But, here we are talking about the ‘Bapu’ of Indian cricket, who if he helps today, Delhi’s third win in this season can be confirmed. Now you must be thinking that who is this Bapu? So the answer is Akshar Patel.

Indian all-rounder Akshar Patel’s nickname is actually Bapu. This name was given to him by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, which he himself has disclosed in a recent interview.

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Ahmedabad home ground Gujarat’s local boy ‘Bapu’

Now you will say that Akshar Patel is a player of Delhi Capitals and Ahmedabad is the home ground of Gujarat Titans, then how can he prove to be helpful. So sir he is a local boy. He grew up in Ahmedabad only. In such a situation, as much as he would need the pitch of Narendra Modi Stadium, hardly any player from Gujarat would.

‘Bapu’ will be helped only if David Warner doesn’t make a mistake!

However, Akshar Patel i.e. Bapu will help Delhi only when his captain i.e. David Warner wants so. We are saying this because till now the strategy of the Delhi team has not shown that they know how to use Akshar Patel properly.

This is the second clash of Delhi Capitals with Gujarat Titans in IPL 2023. Earlier on April 4, the first clash took place, in which Gujarat defeated Delhi. There, Captain David Warner did not make Akshar Patel bowl at all. And, argued behind the decision that he found Kuldeep Yadav a better option than Akshar. While getting a chance to bat in the same match, Akshar hit 36 ​​runs in just 22 balls.

Delhi Capitals is making another mistake regarding Akshar Patel by putting him down in the batting order. This mistake is happening when he knows very well in which form the letters are. Now in Ahmedabad, if David Warner avoids repeating these mistakes and elevates him in batting and also gives him a chance to bowl, then with the help of Bapu, Delhi can win.

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