Premier League: ‘I Want Free-Flowing Football,’ Says Coach Lampard On Chelsea’s Style Of Play

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Chelsea’s interim manager Frank Lampard insists that he wants his team to play free-flowing football that is more effective as well as attractive to the eyes of the viewers. Lampard’s return to his former club so far hasn`t panned out the way he would have hoped for.

The Blues are yet to register their first victory since Lampard’s return and they are getting closer to the relegation battle with each result. The English manager would be keen to make a statement since his return in the North London derby with his free-flowing football on Wednesday in the Premier League.

“Do I want to play more free-flowing football? Yes. When I was here before people maybe thought we were almost too free-flowing at times. I know that when I looked at the underlying nature of how we were playing in my first season here, we were conceding more goals than we should have done. There are different reasons sometimes,” Frank Lampard said as quoted by Chelsea FC.

“In this short term, I want to find consistency in our work but that has been challenging in five games. Sometimes you are having to put pieces of the puzzle together.”

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Lampard hasn`t had much time to enforce changes in the pre-existing system, but within the short period of time, he has instilled his playing style within the players which is clearly evident on the pitch. But change in the system hasn`t provided the solution to their long-term problems.

“Coming in here, I think the systems have changed a lot and that hasn`t brought an answer,` explained Lampard. `I don`t think there is one answer or the other.”

“For Real Madrid, I got criticised going into the game for being too defensive but for me, that was the only way to approach that game. After 60 minutes, we could have been 1-0 or 2-0 up and then that game and the whole tie looks different.”

“Brentford was different. Managers sometimes have to compromise. At the moment, with where we are, there are things we have to look at, and we think”

“Well, that didn`t work properly so we cannot be that fluid like we have tried to be”. We went to Wolves with 4-3-3 and we didn`t win. After the events, there are not always absolute answers,” he said.

It will be interesting to see the tactical approach that Lampard decides to operate with against their arch-rivals.

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