GT vs DC: Why Hardik Pandya could not win the match despite being frozen for 114 balls? such a big blunder

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New Delhi: When Hardik Pandya is on the field, you think about victory. Let’s hope that if there is a power hitter like Pandya then victory is possible. Especially when the score is not very big. A similar expectation was tied to Hardik Pandya in the match against Delhi. Which broke apart. This happened when Hardik batted the entire 19 overs in this match. That means he stood at the crease for 114 balls in a game of 120 balls. Remain unbeaten too. But could not win.

Delhi Capitals had set a target of just 131 runs to win against Gujarat Titans. Looking at the performance of Gujarat Titans in IPL 2023 till now, a successful chase was expected. Hardik also lit that flame, but he could not spread the light with it.

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Stayed at the crease for 114 balls, but Pandya could not win

In the chase of 131 runs, Hardik Pandya’s steps were lying at the crease of the Narendra Modi Stadium after the dismissal of Saha on the last ball of the first over. He remained frozen from the first ball of the second over till the last ball of the 20th over. During this, facing 53 balls, he also scored an unbeaten 59 runs. But the 5 runs needed to win were not scored. That became the difference between victory and defeat between the two teams.

Pandya told himself the ‘guilty’ of the defeat

Gujarat Titans sitting at the top lost to the bottom team in the points tally. After this result, when the reason was asked to Hardik Pandya as captain, he blamed himself. He declared himself guilty of Gujarat’s defeat. He said that I should have finished the match, which I did not do.

Pandya further said that this happened when the wicket was suitable for batting. I think we took a bit too much pressure from the other end with the wickets cracking. I do not consider the role of the wicket important in Gujarat’s defeat.

Just 12 runs were needed in the last over, then what happened?

Gujarat were left to score 12 runs in the last over against Delhi. Everyone can expect so many runs in 6 balls if Hardik was there. But, in front of Ishant Sharma’s experience, Hardik Pandya’s power answered. In this over, only 6 runs were scored with one wicket falling as Tewatia, in which only 3 runs were scored by Hardik.

By the way, what Pandya could not do in the last over was not the only truth. The truth was also that he could not hit a single boundary on the last 14 balls of his innings, due to which Gujarat lost.

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