‘He Had A Massive Crush On…’: Wife Prithi Reveals Little-Known Secrets Of R Ashwin

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Rajasthan Royals (RR) spinner R Ashwin is having a good IPL 2023. He has 13 wickets from 9 games and is one of the strong contenders to win the Purple Cap this year. There are still plenty of matches to be played and Ashwin, placed at 7 currently on the Purple Cap list, can move up to the top soon. Prithi Ashwin, his wife, has been supporting him from the sidelines. She may not have attended all of the RR games but has watched al of them on TV. Prithi’s Instagram stories are filled with praise for her husband. She keeps posting stories of their daughters cheerign for dad.

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In a recent interview, Prithi recalled the early days of her romance with Ashwin, saying that they both went to the same school and the cricketer had a big crush on her. “We went to the same middle school together. That’s how we got introduced to each other. But then, we grew up and met as adults again. I was working at an events company. He had a massive crush on me, and the whole school knew it… He moved schools to pursue cricket and we were in touch on and off, birthdays, neighbourhood, like that. I met him again when I was handling CSK’s account and suddenly I saw him as a six-footer. We knew each other from Grade 7,” Prithi told JioCinema.

As luck would have it, they went from being childhood friends to falling in love later in life. Prithi described the simple way in which Ashwin ultimately asked her out after 10 years of being acquaintances. “Once he took me to a cricket ground and he’s a straight shooter. He said, ‘I’ve kinda liked you all my life and it hasn’t changed over 10 years. We’re adults and let’s try this’.”

Later in the conversation, Prithi played a unique game of chess with the hosts where the King (Ravi Ashwin) and the Queen (Prithi) would advance one step based on the answers she gave. This revealed a lot about their relationship, as Prithi described Ashwin’s temperament as a father and a husband. This included her revealing which one of them is likelier to start a fight with the other. “It’s Ashwin. We fought this morning, I don’t remember about what. I think he was calling me funny names and it suddenly stopped being funny.”

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