Ishant Sharma, VIDEO: A ball from Ishant Sharma created a stir, Dale Steyn said – never seen this before

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New Delhi: It is said that copying also requires intelligence. Cheating happens in cricket too. Knuckle ball, which is used by many bowlers as a weapon. But, who tries it with so much accuracy, everything depends on it in the match. Well, whether one does it or not, but Ishant Sharma is a master of knuckleball, there is no doubt about it.

Ishant Sharma bowled a total of 24 balls in the match against Gujarat Titans. But, in the headlines, there was only one ball of his which has created a stir. Deadly for the batsman, that ball was going to collect praises. It was actually a knuckleball from Ishant Sharma’s hand.

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Ishaat is wise in using ‘copy’!

The speed of that knuckle ball of Ishant was 119 kilometers per hour. The 5th over of Gujarat’s innings was about to end. That knuckle ball was the last ball of this over, on which Ishant Sharma scattered Vijay Shankar’s balls. Vijay Shankar was so helpless in front of this ball that he did not even know where the ball had taken its toll. He was feeling himself cheated.

Knuckle ball like Ishant has not been seen before – Steyn

Whoever saw the wonder and accuracy of this knuckle ball of Ishant was convinced of it. Ishant got the biggest compliment for this from former South African fast bowler Dale Steyn, who even tweeted after his long career and experience that he had never seen better use of knuckle ball for the wicket. .

Survive Ishant’s 119 KPH speed!

Ishant Sharma took another wicket in the match with the wicket of Vijay Shankar off a knuckle ball. He took this wicket as Rahul Tewatia while bowling the last over of the match. Ishant Sharma took 2 wickets for 23 runs in 4 overs. He took both these wickets at a speed of 119 kilometers per hour.

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