IPL 2023: The atmosphere of ‘fear’ in IPL, know why there is fear?

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New Delhi, Every season of the Indian Premier League proves to be a bigger hit than the previous season. The reason for this is that the level of thrill increases in every season and the fans like it a lot. IPL In the current season too, more than one match is being seen. Once again it is raining runs and the power of the batsmen is visible in this tournament. Although there is an atmosphere of fear in IPL 2023 amidst the fun of the batsmen.

Hey don’t panic, this atmosphere of fear is actually in the bowlers who are getting beaten up a lot. You will be surprised to know that despite scoring 200 runs in this season, the victory of the team is not being decided. Let us tell you such a figure which is being seen for the first time in IPL history.

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Even 200 runs are not safe

Let us tell you that this season it has happened five times that a team lost the match after scoring more than 200 runs. Never before has it happened more than twice in a season that a team has scored more than 200 runs and got defeated.

Who lost despite scoring more than 200 runs?

This season, despite scoring 200 runs while batting first, 5 teams have lost. On Wednesday, Punjab Kings lost despite scoring 214 runs. Mumbai Indians achieved this target 7 balls ago. The Rajasthan team had scored 212 runs against Mumbai Indians, yet they lost the match. RCB also scored 212 runs on 10 April but Lucknow achieved this target on the last ball.

On 9 April, Gujarat Titans scored 204 runs and KKR achieved this target on the last ball. Chennai Super Kings also lost the match to Punjab despite scoring 200 runs on 30 April. It is clear that this season even the score of 200 runs is not safe. In such a situation, despite the big score, the bowlers have to make a good strategy. Especially against Mumbai Indians because this season this team has done this feat twice in a row.

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