Retiring player will be fined 82 lakhs, banned for 8 weeks!

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Retiring player will be fined 82 lakhs, banned for 8 weeks!

Gary Ballance is in trouble (PC: AFP)

New Delhi.Cricketer Gary Balance, who retired from all formats of cricket only last month, is going to get a double blow. Along with a fine of 82 years, he is also facing the threat of a ban of 8 weeks. The England and Wales Cricket Board has recommended a fine and an 8-week ban on Zimbabwe’s player balance following the Yorkshire racial scandal.

In fact, former Yorkshire bowler Azim Rafiq had made shocking revelations about racism. He alleged that being a Muslim, he was made to feel like an outsider. Balance is one of the 6 players who were accused of using racist language.

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damage to balance

However, his lawyer Craig Harris says the fine should be reduced because of the cost of attending the hearing, The West Australian reports. He also said that Balance has lost his place in Yorkshire and a sponsorship contract. He also took retirement last month. The 33-year-old Ballance started his career in 2013 for England. He also played 23 Test matches for England.

Balance played from 2 countries

After this, he made a new start in his career from Zimbabwe this year. He is the second batsman in the world to score a century in Test cricket for 2 countries. Kepler Vessels have done this feat before them. He scored centuries for Australia and South Africa. Balance had decided to retire after hitting an unbeaten 64 in the ODI match against the Netherlands.

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