Shahid Afridi on PM Modi: Pakistan can’t do well with PM Modi, Shahid Afridi furious in live show

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New Delhi. Shahid Afridi’s statement against India is not a new thing. He often criticizes India and its strategies. The former captain of Pakistan has often been making statements against PM Modi as well. once again Shahid Afridi There are fury and he has given a statement against PM Modi. This time Shahid Afridi went berserk on the issue of Asia Cup. He directly raised questions on PM Modi and said that Pakistan cannot be benefited as long as he is there.

Shahid Afridi was asked a question on the Asia Cup issue. It was asked that if the Asia Cup is not held, what will the Pakistan Cricket Board do about the World Cup? Shahid Afridi suddenly flared up after hearing this question. Shahid Afridi said about PM Modi that as long as he remains the PM, there can be no good for Pakistan.

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Afridi attacked PM Modi

Afridi said, “Look, don’t expect Modi to do something that will benefit Pakistan. Modi will only harm us, he will not do anything beneficial for us.” Let us tell you that Shahid Afridi had appealed to PM Modi a month ago to allow the India-Pakistan match to happen and now he has given such a statement.

BCCI gives blow to PCB on Asia Cup

Although the Asia Cup is to be held in September but there are reports that this tournament may be postponed. Actually Pakistan is adamant on organizing this tournament in its country. At the same time, the BCCI has categorically refused to send Team India to Pakistan. There are reports that now this tournament may not happen and instead BCCI can organize a five-nation tournament. If this happens then it is possible that Pakistan may also refuse to come to India.

PCB is continuously giving such threats. Let us tell you that this year the World Cup is to be organized in India from October. Now it has to be seen what is the attitude of BCCI and PCB.

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