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New Delhi: During the cricket match, players keep getting hurt while fielding, bowling and sometimes even while batting. Injuries to players during the match is not a new or unique thing. A strange thing happens whenever a spectator or a cameraman gets hurt. IPL in 2023 Rajasthan Royals and Gujarat Titans Something similar happened during the match, where a shot went straight to the cameraman.

There was not much excitement in the match played in Jaipur on Friday 5th May. The batting of the home team Rajasthan Royals was a complete flop and the entire team could score only 118 runs. It would have been difficult for Rajasthan to reach 118 runs if number 10 batsman Trent Boult had not contributed 15 runs.

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Bolt’s deadly six

Bolt hit a six and a four in his short innings. Rajasthan got 6 runs from his sixer, but it made a cameraman who was reporting the match on TV a victim. Hitting this six towards deep mid-wicket, the ball hit the cameraman stationed directly outside the boundary. It was good luck that the ball did not hit directly on the head, otherwise a big accident could have happened.

To help the cameraman, the team physio of Gujarat also reached and examined him. It is a matter of relief that the injury was not serious. Within a short time, Gujarat’s star spinner Rashid Khan also crossed the boundary and met the cameraman and inquired about his condition.

Total surrender of Rajasthan

As far as the match is concerned, it proved to be a one-sided contest. Rajasthan batsmen could not stand in front of the spin of Rashid Khan and Noor Ahmed and the whole team collapsed within 18 overs. In response, Gujarat achieved this target in just 14 overs without any problem and won by 9 wickets. This is Gujarat’s seventh win in this season and it has got maximum 14 points.

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