Mohammed Siraj-Phil Salt Fight: Now the atmosphere heated up in Delhi, Mohammed Siraj clashed after being hit

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New Delhi: Royal Challengers Bangalore’s performance in IPL has been fluctuating but it seems that this team is continuously moving upwards on the issue of controversies. The debate between Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir has already become the biggest controversy of IPL 2023. It has not even completed a week that now once again the match in Bangalore has become very hot. This time, Mohammad Siraj is at the center of this debate, who had an argument with Delhi Capitals captain David Warner and Phil Salt.

5 days ago, on Monday, May 1, at the end of the match between Bangalore and Lucknow Super Giants, Virat Kohli had a big fight with Naveen-ul-Haq and Gautam Gambhir. There was an argument between Kohli and Naveen first, after which Kohli and Gambhir clashed. This debate generated discussion throughout the week. Now on Saturday 6th May, there was a small ruckus in Delhi’s Arun Jaitley Stadium ground as well.

hit and then argued

In response to the target of 182 runs from Bangalore, Phil Salt and David Warner made a stormy start for Delhi. Both made Bangalore’s bowlers walk to the boundary. Fast bowler Mohammad Siraj also got hit a lot. In his second over, Salt hit two consecutive sixes and then fours.

Due to this hit, Siraj went a bit furious, he bowled the next ball bouncer, which was given wide by the umpire. Within seconds, some argument started between Salt and Siraj. Salt first said something to Siraj and here the pacer from Bangalore got angry and started saying something by showing his finger. When David Warner came in the middle, he also started arguing with Siraj.

Umpire and Duplessy defended

Immediately the umpire and Bangalore captain Faf Duplesey had to come to the rescue. Duplessy took Siraj to the shore and pacified him. Now whatever may be the reason, but during this time a commentator said that perhaps Siraj is not able to explain his point in English. However, David Warner’s wicket fell in the very next over.

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