Varun Chakravarthy, IPL 2023: Varun Chakravarthy regains lost strength, secret of success hidden in 5 KMPH speed

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New Delhi, If a team needs only 9 runs in the last over and the spinner is on the attack, then obviously its chances of winning will be more. Sunrisers Hyderabad felt the same against KKR but the result turned out to be different. Hyderabad team spinner Varun Chakraborty She could score only 3 runs in the over and as a result she got defeated by 5 runs. How did Varun Chakraborty lead Kolkata to victory against Hyderabad? This player himself revealed how he tricked the batsmen despite being a spinner. Varun Chakraborty told how he regained his lost strength by learning from last year’s mistake.

Varun Chakraborty told that last year he was bowling at a speed of 85KPH. Which was a little less according to him. This season Varun Chakraborty increased the speed of his balls and now his average speed is 90 KPH. Means the average speed is 5 km. They are getting benefit by increasing hourly. Varun Chakraborty himself said this after winning the match.

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What did Varun Chakraborty do in the last over?

The speed at which Varun Chakraborty bowled in the last over against Hyderabad is quite interesting. Varun bowled 2 balls faster than 100 kph in the last over. While the speed of three is 93 km. Was faster than hourly. It is clear that Varun kept the pace fast along with the variations, due to which the batsmen had difficulty in understanding his ball. Varun Chakraborty hit Abdul Samad on the third ball of the last over at his own pace and when this batsman was dismissed, Hyderabad’s victory was decided.

Varun Chakraborty’s amazing

By the way, Varun Chakraborty did not bowl well only in the last over against Sunrisers Hyderabad. Rather, he also bowled very economically in the 16th, 18th overs. Varun gave 4 runs in the 16th over. Even in the 18th over, he spent only 5 runs. At the time when the bowlers were beaten, Chakraborty spent only 12 runs in 18 balls. Let us tell you that Varun Chakraborty is the first spinner in IPL history who gave the team victory by saving less than 10 runs in the last over.

Varun is a powerful player of powerplay-death overs

Let us tell you that Varun Chakraborty bowls amazingly in both powerplay and death overs. His economy rate in Powerplay is only 8 runs per over. At the same time, his economy rate in death is only 8.76. This is an amazing figure in terms of death overs. It is clear that Varun Chakraborty is a player of a different class and perhaps that is why the Kolkata team values ​​him so much.

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