Virat Kohli, IPL 2023: ‘Disciple’ lost in front of ‘Guru’, controversy over Virat Kohli’s strike rate!

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New Delhi: There are many forms of Guru, in which one form was seen on the evening of 6th May at Arun Jaitley Stadium. To watch Virat Kohli’s game in Delhi, apart from his townspeople, his family members and his guru Rajkumar Sharma, who taught him how to play cricket, also reached the stadium. Virat Kohli took the blessings of his guru before the match. He also scored a half-century in the match. But that half-century could not give RCB a win against Delhi Capitals.

RCB lost the match even after scoring 181 runs. Delhi Capitals achieved the target of 182 runs given by them in 16.4 overs. After the defeat of RCB, it was said that 20-25 runs were short. The question is, how did the runs fall short? In response, Virat Kohli’s batting was targeted.

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Virat Kohli did not score runs even at a strike rate of 120.

Virat Kohli scored 55 runs in 46 balls against Delhi Capitals. During this he hit 5 fours and his strike was less than 120. That is, he scored runs at a strike rate of 119.56. Virat Kohli was surrounded by his strike rate.

It was also bound to raise questions on Virat Kohli regarding the strike rate. Why this is so, you will know better when you do the post-mortem of his innings. Virat Kohli batted from the first over to the 16th over. That is, he played the entire powerplay and middle over.

Milk of milk, water of water from ‘post mortem’ of Virat’s innings

Now just look at his run scored in the powerplay against Delhi Capitals. Here he scored 22 runs in 20 balls. And in the middle overs, 33 runs were scored in 26 balls. The strike rate looked round at both the places. Virat Kohli’s batting did not seem to match the mood of T20 cricket anywhere. Now if this happens then the result will have to be faced, the same happened with RCB.

RCB lost the match against Delhi Capitals by 7 wickets. The runs he made by losing 4 wickets, Delhi did that work by losing 3 wickets.

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