Gujarat Titans, IPL 2023: Why are Gujarat Titans climbing the ladder of success fast in IPL?

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New Delhi: It has been 16 years since IPL started. During this, many teams came and went. Some took hold of the league forever, while some teams wrote amazing scripts of a strong comeback in it. But, no one could see that fire to cross the limits of success, that speed, which is being seen in the Gujarat Titans playing their second season right now. In IPL 2023, this team has told from its performance so far that the success of the last season was not a fluke but its strength.

The Gujarat team, which captured the title while making its debut in IPL 2022, has now taken steps towards repeating that success in IPL 2023. After defeating Lucknow Supergiants by 56 runs at Ahmedabad ground, Gujarat now has 16 points after 11 matches and is number one in the points tally.

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Why are Gujarat Titans climbing the ladder of success fast?

The name of Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings comes as soon as the mention of the most successful team of IPL comes up. But, Gujarat Titans, who have come closest to the IPL trophy for the second year back to back, have also told that the time to come is theirs. The question is why this team is seen climbing the stairs of success so fast? How has it created waves as soon as it entered the IPL? Let us examine the answers to these questions.

Ashish Nehra-Hardik Pandya duet

For any team, its coach and captain matter a lot. If the coach makes strategies for the team outside the field, then the captain does the work of implementing them on the field. Gujarat Titans is lucky that it has a pair of Ashish Nehra and Hardik Pandya in these roles, whose tuning is seen on the field during matches.

When Ashish Nehra became the coach of Gujarat Titans in IPL 2022, the first thing he did was to make Hardik Pandya the captain. This decision surprised cricket fans and pundits around the world. But what happened after that was just recorded in history. Now in IPL 2023 also, the pair of Nehra and Pandya is trying to repeat the same success.

balance is the strength of the team

You will see balanced not one but many teams of IPL. But, the balance which is seen in the team combination of Gujarat Titans, is not found in anyone else. One of the major reasons for this is that this team should make a blueprint of its playing XI even before the start of IPL. Look at the batting line up of this team. Look at his bowling. The balance seems perfect in all. Due to this balance, former New Zealand fast bowler Shaun Tait has even called it the best team of IPL.

More than one ‘match winner’

Gujarat Titans not only have a wonderful pair of coach and captain, but apart from that they have also selected such players, who are match winners in their own right. Be it David Miller, Rashid Khan, Rahul Tewatia, Noor Ahmed, Shubman Gill or Wriddhiman Saha.

Before IPL 2022, all of them were part of some other teams. But, after joining Gujarat, the colors of all these changed. These players kissed the steps of success with their performance and Gujarat Titans got success due to their success.

There is no strength but determination too!

You cannot win every time on the basis of strength. In such a situation, it is very important to have determination in the team. And, the consistency in the performance of Gujarat Titans is due to the determination present in it. This determination is reflected in the mutual trust between its players. In true sense, this is also the strength of this team.

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