PAK vs NZ: The reality of Pakistan again exposed, after 7 months now slogans of ‘slip-slip’ for this cricketer, VIDEO

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New Delhi: It is said that it is public, it knows everything. Identifies what is inside and what is outside. The same public has once again exposed the reality of Pakistan. Being a cricket fan, as much as he follows the cricketers of his country, understands them, after that he can also make some assessment. Pakistani cricket fans did the same in Karachi on the evening of 7th May, after which the memory of 7 months old also became fresh.

Before telling what happened 7 months back, before that, know and understand about the latest incident. It happened that the Pakistan team lost the 5th ODI match played in Karachi by 47 runs. With this defeat, his intention to clean sweep the series failed. The kingdom also went away in ODIs.

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The noise of ‘slip-slip’ regarding Shan Masood

Now if there will be double shocks together, then the fans will definitely be angry. The effect of the same displeasure was that the cricket fans in Karachi started raising slogans loudly about the Pakistan team player Shan Masood.

The word ‘slip’ is actually used for the player who is recommended. Means who gets a place in the team on someone’s recommendation. Now it is not known who would have recommended Shan Masood, but at present he is on the target of the people of Pakistan.

300 run target and 7 runs scored in 20 balls

Now you must be thinking that there were other reasons for Pakistan’s defeat against New Zealand, then why should only Shan Masood be the target? So the answer is his innings which he played while chasing the total of 300 runs.

Shan Masood opened for Pakistan and scored 7 runs in 20 balls. Now if you play such an innings in a 300 runchase, then the audience will certainly reject it. By the way, such behavior of the audience with an international player cannot be called right. But, some history of Pakistan cricket has also been such that such incidents happen every now and then.

Slogans were raised about Khushdil Shah 7 months ago

What happened with Shan Masood, exactly the same happened with Khushdil Shah 7 months ago i.e. in October last year. Then there were slogans about him as well because in the decisive match of the 7-match T20 International series against England, Khushdil scored only 25 runs in 27 balls.

It is clear that nothing has changed in Pakistan cricket. What was yesterday is still going on today. This is the reason why even the cricket fans there are not ready to accept and every now and then the videos of slip-slip noise are going viral from Pakistan.

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