RR vs SRH: Breath stuck in the last over, match slipped out of Rajasthan’s hands, two mistakes divided

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Jaipur: Many exciting matches were seen in IPL-2023 and one such match was played between Rajasthan Royals and Sunrisers Hyderabad on Sunday. This match crossed the limits of excitement. What happened in this match could only increase the heartbeat of anyone. Things were going in favor of Rajasthan in this match, but something happened on the last ball that the victory slipped from the hands of Rajasthan and then Hyderabad won the match by four wickets.

Batting first in this match, Rajasthan scored 214 runs losing two wickets in 20 overs. Hyderabad achieved the target of 215 runs on the last ball and also took revenge of the defeat from Rajasthan at home this season.

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what happened in the last over

Hyderabad needed 17 runs in the last over. Sandeep Sharma came to bowl the last over for Rajasthan. The Sandeep who had given victory to his team by bowling brilliantly against Mahendra Singh Dhoni. But in this over Rajasthan made two lanes. Sandeep would have got the wicket of Abdul Samad on the first ball but Obed McCoy dropped his catch at short thirdman. This is the first mistake. Two runs came on this ball. Samad hit a six on the next ball. Then came two runs. One run came on the fourth ball. Marco Jansson took a single on the fifth ball.

Hyderabad needed five runs on the last ball. Abdul Samad shot hard but his shot went straight into the hands of the fielder. The Rajasthan team drowned in celebration, but only then the hooter of no ball was played by the third umpire and the entire stadium was shocked. Even Rajasthan could not believe it. This raised the hopes of Hyderabad and on the last ball, it needed four runs to win. Samad hit his team for a six over the bowler’s head. He scored 17 not out.

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Glenn Phillips showed his strength

Hyderabad’s defeat seemed certain in this match. It was not even on the way to victory, but then Glenn Phillips came and he brought Hyderabad into the match. Hyderabad captain Aiden Markram was dismissed on the fifth ball of the 18th over. Then came Philips. In the 19th over, Phillips hit Kuldeep Yadav for three consecutive sixes and then hit a four off the next ball. However, he was dismissed on the next ball. But the matches were overturned. Rajasthan needed 41 runs from Hyderabad in the last two overs, which this team scored.

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