Sanju Samson Mistakes: Not Sandeep Sharma, Sanju Samson’s 2 mistakes caused loss, that’s why Rajasthan lost

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New Delhi: The manner in which Rajasthan Royals hit the last ball Sunrise Hyderabad He lost the match to, he will remain in everyone’s mind for the coming time. Everyone will remember that Sandeep Sharma took the wicket on the last ball but it was a no-ball. Then the free-hit was hit for a six and victory slipped out of Rajasthan’s hands. But a big reason for this defeat is also captain Sanju Samson, who made such mistakes not once but twice, which cost the team.

Under the captaincy of Sanju Samson, Rajasthan started IPL 2023 strongly but now the wheels of their vehicle are seen to be wearing out and Samson also has a big role in it. Already in this season, in some matches, he made such mistakes, which changed the course of the match. Something similar was seen against Hyderabad in Jaipur on Sunday, 7th May.

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Two mistakes of Sanju Samson

Samson showed amazing in batting and played a quick inning of 66 runs but the evening was not good for him in wicketkeeping. He missed the chances of taking wickets twice, due to which the team suffered huge losses. The first chance came in the 12th over.

Abhishek Sharma had a chance to run out on the first ball of this over, but Sanju hurriedly scattered the balls before catching the ball. Abhishek Sharma had scored 40 runs at that time and was dismissed for 55 runs after adding 15 runs to his score.

Means loss of 15 runs. Then Samson made another mistake in the 17th over. This time, on the second ball of the over, Rahul Tripathi got an easy catch on the leg side but Samson dropped the catch even after 2-3 attempts. Rahul Tripathi was also on 40 runs and got out after scoring 47 runs.

Missed the catch again in the last over

Both the batsmen did not play big innings but scored 22 extra runs in total. Although Rajasthan had many opportunities to win the match even after this, but if Rajasthan had taken advantage of those opportunities, the situation could have been different. Abdul Samad’s catch also fell on the first ball of the last over from Obed McCoy, who won the team by hitting the last six.

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