Sam Curran, IPL 2023: What is the truth of the flop show of Sam Curran, the most expensive player in IPL history?

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New Delhi. What happened on Monday at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens was neither the first nor the last time. Kolkata’s Rinku Singh gave victory to his team by hitting a four on the last ball. The result of the match on the last ball has happened in the past as well, it will happen in the future as well. Last over for Punjab Arshdeep Singh were throwing. Kolkata needed 2 runs on the last ball. The screw of Kolkata’s victory and Punjab’s defeat is that in the center of the story of this match is neither Rinku Singh, who hit the last ball four, nor Arshdeep Singh, who hit the last ball four, nor hit 3 sixes in the 19th over. The ones are Andre Russell.

Rather, Sam Karan is at the center of the story of this match. Who gave 20 runs in the 19th over. Giving away 20 runs in an over is also not unusual. Then why is there a discussion about Sam Karan? The answer to this question is very simple – other things may not have happened for the first time but one thing happened for the first time. Sam Karan became the most expensive player in the history of IPL by taking Rs 18.5 crore. Now on the connection between the rain of money on Sam Karan and his flop show, some things have to be understood in a systematic manner.

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6 out of 10 teams showed interest in Sam Karan

It is about the year 2022. It was the month of December. There was a mini auction of IPL. Sam Karan’s name came on the auction table. 6 out of 10 teams showed interest in Sam Karan. Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Rajasthan Royals, Chennai Super Kings, Lucknow Supergiants and Punjab Kings started the bidding. The base price was 2 crores. When this amount of 2 crores crossed five, seven, ten crores, it was not even known. Some teams pulled their hands. The bid of 10 crores crossed 15 crores. The atmosphere got heated.

Eventually Punjab Kings won. Punjab spent Rs 18.5 crore for Sam Karan. With this, Sam Karan became the most expensive player in the history of IPL. Also, once again he was associated with the franchise with which he started his IPL career in 2019. Later he also played with Chennai Super Kings. When the Punjab Kings showered Rs 18.5 crore on Sam Karan, they expected that after about 3 months, he would lead the team to victory in the field. But today the hands of the Punjab Kings are empty.

With what expectation were 18.5 crores showered?

This story is also of 2022 only. It is only about a month before the date of the auction. It was the month of November. The T20 World Cup was being played in Australia. In the final, England defeated Pakistan and captured the T20 World Cup for the second time. Sam Karan was the man of the match in the final match. Not only this, the title of Player of the Tournament also came in Sam Karan’s account.

Sam Karan took 3 wickets in the final match, that too by giving only 12 runs. By dismissing Mohammad Rizwan, Shan Masood and Mohammad Nawaz, he stopped Pakistan for 137 runs. England easily achieved the target of 138 runs. Lage Hath also tells you that he took 13 wickets in 6 matches in the entire tournament. His economy was 6.52. In a high profile tournament like the World Cup, 13 wickets with an economy of 6.52 is undoubtedly an amazing performance. This is the reason why a month after this performance, when Sam Karan’s name came up in the auction, a war broke out in every team.

Where did the teams miss regarding Sam Karan?

The half dozen teams that were staking claim for Sam Karan made only one mistake. He did not remember that the 2022 T20 World Cup was being played in Australia and the IPL was to be played on Indian pitches. Perhaps no one thought how important the change of pitch and weather is for the fast bowler.

Even if he thought, he did not care that what is the specialty or strength of Sam Karan. Sam Karan’s strength is swing bowling. There is no need to tell how much swing they will get on Indian pitches as compared to Australian pitches. Now if the cricket experts sitting on the auction table of Punjab or the rest of the team say that even after knowing and understanding this aspect, they allowed the bid amount to go up to 18.5 crores, then questions will be raised on their understanding of cricket, if not today. Tomorrow.

Where is Sam Curran going wrong

We have already discussed the mistake made by the management of Punjab Kings team. Now let’s talk about where Sam Karan is going wrong. Sam Karan is not a bad player. They are special. The most direct proof of this is that 24-year-old Sam Karan plays for England in all three formats, Test, ODI and T20. But the story changes on Asian pitches. His performance in any season of IPL has not been such that you call him ‘Extra Ordinary’. In 2019, he took 10 wickets. In 2020, he had 13 wickets in his account and in 2021, 9 wickets. Except for 2020, his economy rate has been close to 10 in every season.

The length at which Sam Karan is bowling on Asian pitches and expecting swing is meaningless. There is no variation in his bowling. He has become a ‘monotonous’ bowler. He does not have a ball like a slower or a yorker. The big problem is that Sam Karan’s speed is also around 130. In such a situation, when swing is not available, then he looks like a normal bowler. Look at the 3 balls on which Andre Russell hit his six, he threw the ball in Andre Russell’s ‘reach’. Russell moves the leg in the direction of midwicket and plays the shot. It is needless to say that even Andre Russell’s ‘mistime’ shots mostly go across the boundary, this is the wonder of his power.

Arshdeep Singh’s last over will make things more clear

Against Punjab, Kolkata needed 26 runs in the last two overs to win. Sam Karan threw the 19th over. He gave away 20 runs in that over. In which those three sixes of Andre Russell are included, which we had mentioned earlier also. After this Arshdeep Singh did the 20th over. Only 6 runs were needed in that over, yet Arshdeep managed to take the match till the last ball. Arshdeep’s variation was behind this.

Arshdeep bowled the first ball bouncer to Andre Russell. Russell could not score any runs. The next ball was of full length and was away from the wicket. Russell was able to score only one run. After this, on the fifth ball of the over, Arshdeep bowled a yorker to Russell and got his wicket on the same ball. It is true that Arshdeep could not win his team but in his 6 balls, he made the target difficult with variations. The same thing is not being done in Sam Karan.

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Is the price tag of 18.5 crores too much?

This discussion has also become very hot now. Former England cricketer Graham Swain clearly said that the price tag of 18.5 crores is getting heavy on Sam Karan. They are under the pressure of such a huge amount. In the 11 matches played so far this season, he has taken only 7 wickets. His economy is also more than 10. Graham Swain’s talk cannot be denied because even before this it has happened with the players sold at a huge price in IPL.

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