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New Delhi: Every coin has two sides. One good and the other bad. The evil is quickly noticed, so no one pays attention to the good. The condition of Virat Kohli’s slow batting in IPL 2023 is similar. As much as it is harmful for his RCB franchise now, equally it will be beneficial for Team India after the end of the season.

In the performance of Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL 2023, everyone is talking about Virat Kohli’s slow batting and his fallen strike rate. But, what Fateh has to say that India needs such batting to become the world champion, no one is paying attention to it.

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Slow batting is beneficial for Team India!

If the latest form of Virat Kohli’s batting can keep RCB away from the title in IPL 2023. So India can become champion on the basis of that batting. The Oval ground in England can hit. Australia can lick the dust and can do what it missed doing last time. We are talking about the final of the World Test Championship.

Consider Virat’s batting as preparation for the WTC final!

If nothing else, consider Virat Kohli’s batting in IPL 2023 as the best preparation for the WTC final. Suppose Virat Kohli is not able to score fast in IPL 2023. He scored a half-century against Delhi Capitals, but due to his slowness, RCB scored a few runs less on the score board and the team lost.

But in the midst of all this, one good thing has been seen continuously throughout the season that Virat Kohli has stayed on the wicket for a long time. Coming out to open, Virat Kohli’s style of staying on the wicket for a long time has shown that in some matches he is staying till the 20th over, in some the 16th over, even the 18th over.

Now imagine what will happen when he enters the WTC final with the same approach and mind set? This is what is needed there. Long lasting on the wicket. The one who will stand firm by holding one end. In a way, Virat Kohli is seen practicing this continuously while playing for RCB in IPL 2023.

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