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New Delhi: Whether there will be a clash between India and Pakistan in the Asia Cup or not, at the moment everyone is looking for the answer. between the two teams ODI World Cup The competition is believed to be certain. Although there is still a lot of time in both these matches. Before that, a different competition is currently going on between the two teams in the ICC rankings. Both the teams are competing to overtake each other, where at present Pakistan has made a slight lead over Team India.

While on one hand the Indian team is currently away from international action and is currently busy with IPL 2023. At the same time, Pakistan has played some ODIs in recent times. Babar Azam’s team defeated New Zealand 4-1 in the five-match ODI series last week. He has also got the result of this in the ICC rankings.

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Pakistan overtakes India

The annual update of the ODI rankings was released by the ICC on Thursday, May 11, in which Australia’s reign at number one remains intact. At the same time, the Indian team, which was at number two till last week, has now come at number three, while Pakistan, which was at number three, has achieved the second rank. There has also been a difference in ranking points.

Australia and India had 113 points so far. Now with the new update Australia has 118 points. At the same time, India has 115 points left. On the other hand, rising from 112 points, Pakistan has reached 116 points.

What is Annual Update?

According to the ICC, the results of all the series after May 2020 have been counted in the annual ranking. Under this, the importance of the results of the series till May 2022 is 50 percent, while after that the importance of each series is 100 percent. In this way, India has recently had to pay the brunt of the ODI series defeat at home from Australia.

Team India has a chance to return

Now this war will continue like this till the World Cup. Both the teams will play many matches during this period. The Indian team will go on a tour of West Indies next month after the World Test Championship final, where apart from Test and T20, they will also have to play ODI series. Team India will try to get the first position in the rankings with a strong performance in this series.

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