MS Dhoni, IPL 2023: MS Dhoni was going to become Delhi’s ‘Dabangg’, got himself insulted in front of Mahi

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MS Dhoni, IPL 2023: MS Dhoni was going to become Delhi's 'Dabangg', got himself insulted

Phil Salt tries to stump like MS Dhoni, but misses (PC:iplt20)

New Delhi.If someone asks, tell me, there was one who used to turn the match from behind the wicket. This is not just a line said for MS Dhoni. Rather, it is the story of Dhoni’s miracle from behind the wicket. He did such amazing things from behind the wicket many times, after seeing which it was difficult to believe his eyes. He has already said goodbye to international cricket.

Now even regarding IPL, he can shock the fans anytime. Everyone tries to be like Dhoni. Many times some wicketkeepers on the field also tried to do miracles like Dhoni, but Dhoni is Dhoni. Only they can make untoward things happen. Those who copied Dhoni were flop.

Salt insulted

Phil Salt of Delhi Capitals even got himself insulted in this affair. Not only this, he was also insulted in front of Dhoni. In fact, in the 55th match of IPL 2023, Chennai and Delhi were face to face. Chennai came out to bat first. It is about the fourth over. Devon Conway tried to sweep on the 5th ball of Lalit Yadav’s over, but he got beat.

Pavilion could not send Conway

The ball was in the hands of Salt. A strong appeal was made. It was clear in the replays that there was no edge of the bat. It was seen in the stumping check that after collecting the ball, Salt waited for a long time for Conway to raise his back leg in the air and drop the bails. Salt also got such an opportunity and dropped the bails, but still he could not send Conway to the pavilion.

where did you miss salt

In fact, there was a difference of a millisecond between Conway lifting his feet and Salt dropping the bells. That is, the bells did not fall down while the feet were in the air. By the time the bails fell down, Conway’s feet were also on the ground. Conway survived, but came under attack from salt trolls. Actually Dhoni has done such stumps many times. However, Conway could not take advantage of this and on the first ball of the very next over, Akshar Patel got him out LBW. He had to return to the pavilion for 10 runs.

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