MS Dhoni-Ravindra Jadeja, IPL 2023: Are the prayers of MS Dhoni’s fans getting Ravindra Jadeja out?

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New Delhi. Ravindra Jadeja… MS Dhoni’s trust, Chennai’s biggest match winner. Along with Dhoni, Jadeja is also the desire of Chennai, but when it comes to choosing one of the two, only one name comes on the lips of the fans. People’s craziness about MS Dhoni is not hidden from anyone. As soon as he walks on the field with his bat, the whole stadium echoes with his name.

Eagerly waiting for Dhoni’s batting. How impatient the fans are to see Dhoni bat, can be gauged from the fact that they wait for Ravindra Jadeja to get out. Jadeja himself said this after giving Chennai a 27-run win against Delhi Capitals. Jadeja scored 21 runs in 16 balls against Delhi and also took a wicket. He was the player of the match.

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Fans get disappointed seeing Jadeja

After the match, he said that as a spinner, it is good to see that the ball is moving because we practice here. We know with which length and pace to bowl. This is the advantage of our home. He enumerated the advantages of the house, but after that he also told its disadvantages for himself. Jadeja said that when he comes to bat at number 7, people get very disappointed and start shouting slogans in the name of Mahi Bhai.

Dua to get out soon

Jadeja said that imagine if I come up to bat, he will wait for me to get out. He says that his fans want to see Dhoni batting. In such a situation, the fans even wish that he gets out early, so that Dhoni comes to bat again. Talking about Jadeja, he was dismissed 6 times in 8 innings of 12 matches. He scored the highest 25 not out against Rajasthan Royals.

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