Sanju Samson, IPL 2023: What did Sanju Samson do to stop Yashasvi Jaiswal from scoring a century? Didn’t expect this from the captain

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New Delhi. Yashasvi Jaiswal gave the fastest fifty in IPL history in 13 balls. He created a ruckus in the 56th match of IPL 2023 against Kolkata Knight Riders. Although he could not complete his century. Jaiswal was just 2 runs away from his century and could have easily completed his century, but could not, because his fours had won Rajasthan. He needed sixes to complete 100 runs, but he could only hit fours. May his century be completed. For this, Rajasthan captain Sanju Samson could not complete his half-century.

If Samson wanted to complete his half-century by hitting a four, he would have ended the match, but he did not hit the four and gave Jaiswal a chance to come on strike and told him to hit a six. Sanju Samson sacrificed for Jaiswal, but did Samson really sacrifice or because of him, Jaiswal’s century could not be completed. In fact, while batting first, Kolkata gave a target of 150 runs. In response, Rajasthan created a ruckus. Rajasthan had scored 107 runs for 1 wicket in 10 overs.

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Samson needs to slow down

Jaiswal was playing after scoring 82 runs in 36 balls. At the same time, Samson also scored 21 runs in 21 balls. Rajasthan needed 43 runs off 60 balls to win. Jaiswal was moving towards a century from here, but in the next over of Anukul Roy, Samson hit 3 sixes. After this over, Rajasthan needed 23 runs from 54 balls. While Jaiswal was 17 runs away from his century. These 3 sixes of Samson made him a little away from the century. While Samson needed to slow down a bit for Jaiswal’s century.

Jaiswal was given a chance

In 12.5 overs, Rajasthan scored 147 runs for one wicket. To win, 3 runs were needed from 42 balls. On the other hand, Samson was 2 runs away from his Fifty and Jaiswal was 6 runs away from his century. Means only one six could have completed Jaiswal’s century. In such a situation, Samson did not even take a single on the next ball. Whereas on this ball of Suyash, he could easily complete his fifty by hitting a four. He did not do so and Yashasvi came on strike in the next over. Earlier, Samson raised his hands and asked him to hit a six.

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Fans divided into 2 parts

Jaiswal needed 6 runs, but he could only hit a four off Shardul Thakur and could only reach 98 runs. After this match, the cricket fans were divided into two parts. Some say that Samson sacrificed his fifty for Jaiswal’s century, while some say that when he knew that the match was easily won and Jaiswal was very close to his century, he was hit for 3 sixes in an over. Should not have tried to end the match so quickly by putting it. He should have given Jaiswal a chance to score further runs. Jaiswal could not complete his century, but he celebrated the victory by spreading both hands like a century.

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