Virat Kohli, IPL 2023: What did Yashasvi Jaiswal give as a return gift to Virat Kohli after 2 years?

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New Delhi. Yashasvi Jaiswal is being hailed in the world of cricket. Anyway, why not, what a great work you have done. Rajasthan opener Yashasvi hit an unbeaten 98 off 47 balls against Kolkata Knight Riders. This is his next score. Jai-jai was done in 13 balls only. He had hit the fastest half-century in IPL history. Along with this, Jaiswal also gave a return gift to Virat Kohli.

Although Jaiswal had to wait a long 2 years to give the return gift to the star batsman of Royal Challengers Bangalore, but when he did, applause started pouring in. Even Kohli could not stop himself. Seeing Jaiswal’s batting, Kohli shared a photo of him on his Instagram story and wrote, “Wow, this is the best batting I have seen in a while.” What a talent.

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Fastest Fifty of IPL

Jaiswal also replied to him and said that thank you brother, this is enough for me. Actually, this is a kind of return gift for Kohli from Jaiswal. With the help of Kohli’s gift to the young batsman in 2021, Jaiswal has now become the fastest IPL fifty batsman.

Yashasvi Jaiswal

were not able to score big

Actually in 2021, Jaiswal could not understand how to score big. At the time of meeting Kohli, he scored 31, 36, 5, 49 runs in 4 matches, but was unable to take his score further. After this he reached Kohli after the match against Bangalore and asked him how to score big. Kohli told him how he can score big.

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Jaiswal’s increased confidence

The way Kohli explained to Jaiswal, after that the confidence of this Rajasthan batsman increased a lot and that confidence is still visible in him on the field. Kohli gifted Jaiswal as tips 2 years ago. Now Jaiswal scored big and gave him a return gift.

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