Yashasvi Jaiswal IPL 2023: 50 km from Mumbai. What is Yashasvi Jaiswal doing so far that he is creating havoc

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New Delhi. Yashswi Jaiswal… This name is currently resonating all over the world. The reason is only one, bang with the bat. This left-handed batsman has done wonders in IPL 2023. Jaiswal first scored a brilliant century against Mumbai and now this player scored an unbeaten 98 against Kolkata Knight Riders on Thursday. Jaiswal missed his century by just 2 runs but his innings was better than any other century. During his innings, Jaiswal hit a half-century in just 13 balls and with this he became the fastest batsman in IPL. After the match, this player revealed the secret of his success. Yashasvi told how he is batting so explosively.

Yashasvi Jaiswal told the media after the match that the most important role in his success is his training. Let us tell you that Yashasvi Jaiswal is about 50 km from Mumbai. He trains far away in Talegaon. There is an academy of Rajasthan Royals in Talegaon and there this batsman gets the best preparation.

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Know the secret of Jaiswal’s success

Yashasvi Jaiswal told that Rajasthan Royals Academy is in Talegaon and there they get the best preparation. Jaiswal said that he can play all his shots there as well as he can keep himself fit. Jaiswal told that in the academy in Talegaon, he gets experienced people who have played cricket for 20 years. Jaiswal said that one can learn a lot by talking to him and taking his knowledge.

Cricket is a game of mind before body: Jaiswal

Yashasvi Jaiswal’s thinking makes him a great player. Jaiswal said that cricket is a mental game before physical. He said that after meeting players like Dhoni, Virat and Rohit, he knows how they should think. He tries to control himself. According to Jaiswal, this game is of the mind before the body. At the same time, he has faith in himself and this is the most important thing for him.

Jaiswal further said that his batting depends on his preparation. Discipline and fitness are most important for this. According to Jaiswal, he tries to make himself strong outside the field. Along with this, there is also an effort to strengthen oneself mentally. Jaiswal told that he learns from both his success and failure.

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