IPL 2023 Playoff Scenario: 3 out of top 4 teams may be out? After the defeat of KKR to CSK, the equation deteriorated further.

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IPL 2023 Playoff Scenario: 3 out of top 4 teams may be out?  After the defeat of KKR to CSK, the equation deteriorated further.

IPL 2023 playoffs not decided yet (Photo: PTI)

New Delhi: The puzzle of the IPL 2023 playoffs now seems to be turning into an unsolved story. This is exactly what we see in thriller films, where the suspense remains till the end. Till yesterday, we were seeing the teams which were able to qualify retained in the top four. The latest reality is that now the sword of being thrown out has hung over them too.

The playoffs are close in the tournament. More than half the matches have been played. But the situation is that even now the name of even one team is not final regarding the playoffs. If you look at the points table, you will get confused thinking that what kind of illusion is this of numbers.

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Just 1-1 point difference in top 4 teams

The equation of the points table has become more complicated after the defeat of Chennai Super Kings to Kolkata. After this match, Gujarat is at the top with 16 points as before in the points table. On the other hand, CSK may not have lost position in the points table after losing to Kolkata, but it has created a problem for itself.

Mumbai Indians have 14 points and they are currently at number three. While Lucknow has collected 2 points by going to Hyderabad, the effect of that is that it is at number four. Lucknow has 13 points. Currently, there is just 1-1 point difference between these top 4 teams present in the points table. At the same time, only one match is left for Chennai while the rest of the teams still have 2-2 matches.

12-12 points of 4 teams

Looking down from the top four in the points table, Bangalore, Rajasthan, Kolkata and Punjab have 12 points each. Among these four teams, Bangalore has the biggest advantage of reaching the playoffs. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, his runrate is better than the rest and secondly, he has to play 2 more matches. The remaining Punjab also has 2 matches but its runrate is in minus.

The run rate of Rajasthan team is also better. It is in plus but the problem is that it has only 1 match left. That means they can reach 14 points even after winning. In the same way, Kolkata will also be able to reach a maximum of 14 points, but its fallen runrate can become an obstacle in its way.

Playoffs just one win away from Gujarat

In the points table, the run rate of 5 teams is in plus and 4 of those five teams still have 2-2 matches left. This means that there is going to be more stir in the way of playoffs. The work of Gujarat Titans sitting on top will be done as soon as Sunrisers Hyderabad is defeated. But if he does not do this, then he will have to rely on his last match, which is to play with RCB. Means Gujarat will either go up to maximum 20 points or else 18 points, otherwise it can end the group stage at 16 points only.

CSK’s victory over Delhi is necessary

It is necessary for Chennai Super Kings to win their last match, which they have to play against Delhi Capitals. If CSK wins this match then it will have 17 points and it can go to the playoffs. But, if lost, 15 points will remain and then the sword of being out will hang.

Either one’s screw will get stuck in Mumbai and Lucknow

Mumbai Indians have to play two matches against Lucknow Super Giants and Sunrisers. The problem is that like Mumbai, Lucknow also needs a win to qualify for the playoffs. In such a situation, in the collision of these two teams, which are in the top four, the matter of one of them will surely get entangled.

Apart from Mumbai Indians, Lucknow has to play one more match with Kolkata, whose spirits are high after defeating CSK. KKR’s hope of playoff is also not over yet. In such a situation, he would like to win his last match at any cost. Means the road to Lucknow is not looking difficult.

Gujarat will be difficult in front of RCB!

One match of Bangalore is from Sunrisers and the other from Gujarat. He has to win both to go to the playoffs. Similarly, it will be necessary for Rajasthan Royals to defeat Punjab as well.

Overall, the maths of the IPL 2023 playoffs is so complicated that it will not be surprising if any two or three of the teams currently in the top four get eliminated.

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